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Written by Rick Taubold on . Posted in News

I now do editing for short stories and novels for e-books and print books. Click on the link in the Menu bar for more information.

As one of the Directors of Silver Pen Writers, I’m proud to announce the first annual WRITE WELL AWARD ANTHOLOGY of 392 pages with 36 superb stories that I know you’ll enjoy. All proceeds go to help support the operating expenses of Silver Pen Writers. Please check it out and consider purchasing a copy.


PUNCTUATION FOR FICTION WRITERS by Scott Gamboe and myself is NOW AVAILABLE (Kindle e-book and paperback) from Amazon.com and in other e-book formats from Smashwords. Click the cover to the right for the link to Amazon.

Les Weil, editor at 101 Words.org says of this book, “Best book on punctuation I’ve seen.”

* * *

Do commas confuse you and do colons leave you clueless? Do you know the basics but are missing the finer points? Do you have a good grasp of punctuation but run into an occasional challenge where you aren’t sure of what to do?

Whatever your level of expertise may be, Punctuation for Fiction Writers is your go-to reference. Concise, yet comprehensive, it’s filled with practical advice, effective techniques, copious examples, and some unexpected topics not found in similar books.

It approaches the subject based on how fiction writers actually write instead how the formal rules of grammar say you should. Filled with options, it shows you when you can deviate from the conventions and when it’s inadvisable to do so.

Punctuation For Fiction Writers will help ensure that all the raves are about your story and not about misplaced commas.


More Than Magick, my first novel, slightly updated and revised, is once again available in both e-book and print formats. A dyslexic-friendly print version is also available. Click on the cover at the right to purchase it at Amazon.


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